Lifestyle tips for the monsoon season

Ayurveda Monsoon Tips


Lifestyle tips for the monsoon season

Ayurveda tips for the monsoon season

To start off, we are not in the typical monsoon season of June to July to post this blog with complete relevance. However, the presence of continuous rains due to serial cyclones like Nivar and Bhuvari in the southern regions of India makes us go back to the monsoon times.

Rainy season, as beautiful as it feels, has its issues too. Continuous rains can cause floods, sewage problems, mosquito breeding, erosion and a lot more if not dealt with properly. So to handle Varsha (rainy season in Ayurveda), we would like to give the family of Ayuryogashram, few simple lifestyle tips to follow to bravely handle the rains. Here are those points:


  • The chilly morning may tempt you to sleep like a log, but avoiding it can actually improve your condition. By avoiding sleep during daylight, we don’t allow our metabolism and digestion to get slowed down as it is already weakened by the damp and unhygienic conditions due to the monsoon season.

  • Always keep your floors dry and clean using disinfectant and avoid getting into any wet, muddy surfaces. Infact, use a separate footwear for home to avoid skin contact with any cold surfaces. Also, to those who are prone to get arthritis and joint pain, it is advisable to avoid sitting or sleeping on the floor as it can cause tremendous increase in the body’s Vata, thereby increasing body pain.

  • By burning the dry leaves of neem, we can fumigate the indoors from the attack of insects and pests trying to get into the house.

  • By having a hot water bath, we can reduce the Vata caused by continuous rain. Also, drying hair is a must after bath.

  • By consuming hot food and water, we can try to avoid contamination as much as possible.

  • As Ayurvedic practitioners, we’ll also suggest a panchakarma session that cleanses all the unwanted waste from the body. Ayuryogashram offers comprehensive panchakarma sessions at our premises.

  • Light indoor exercise at home makes sure that our body stays active without getting curbed by laziness.

  • Even in the rainy season, always stay hydrated to remove all the toxins from the body.

  • So, these are some of our tips to follow to make sure that your body and mind is fully sound, even during the draining effects of monsoon.

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