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“The Ayurvedic route to great health involves two simple steps:
1. Doing less   2. Being more”

-Shubhra Krishan

Ayuryogashram, a nice, cozy, Ayurvedic healthcare resort resides in Parlikad near Thrissur. As a renowned Kerala Ayurveda wellness center, Ayuryogashram is a healthcare resort that is deeply steeped and honed in the Ayurveda way of life. This Kerala Ayurvedic centre is located in an untouched, unspoiled location. And the many things that attract any visitor who comes for a good round of Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala is the quietness, calmness, peacefulness and stillness that can be gotten and experienced in the tranquillest of surroundings.

ayuryogashram kerala ayurvedic center

If you are contemplating experiencing Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala, and you are in the search for the best Ayurvedic centres in Kerala, then don’t think or look beyond Ayuryogashram ! Ayuryogashram has been serving clients from across the world since it opened its door in 2001.

The Ayuryogashram resort is neatly planned, laid out and spread over 2.5 acres of area, amidst a nice verdant landscape. It houses the guest rooms, cottages, treatment and therapy rooms, consultation room, Yoga centre, meeting room, library, swimming pool, herbal garden and of course the office complex. The main building is a heritage building that is built based on old Kerala architecture and designs and is definitely eye-catching for its neat design and layout.

In quiet surroundings that are mesmerizingly beautiful and pristine, the “ashram” , as our guest affectionately call it, and its doctors and staff will ensure that you get authentic Ayurvedic treatment. Whether you are here to address a specific ailment , relax and rejuvenate or to enjoy traditional Ayurvedic massages and panchakarma treatments, We will ensure that you have a comfortable and successful stay that will positively impact and help you achieve the desired results.

ayuryogashram Ayur Diamond classified center in kerala

As a Ayur Diamond classified Kerala Ayurvedic centre, in a serene location, Ayuryogashram has many things on offer. It houses large, clean and green accommodations featuring single, double bedded rooms and cottages and qualifies as one of the best Ayurvedic massage centres in Kerala, rendering effective massages undertaken by qualified masseurs.

What is the calling that is beckoning you to one of the best Ayurvedic center in Kerala? Are you just looking at detoxing, destressing, relaxing, and rejuvenating? Or are you seeking to lose weight ?
Ayuryogashram will customize treatment plans to suit your body and mind.

Therefore, in many ways more than one, and principal among them is the minimalism and sheer simplicity of not just the facility but also the service providers, and a combination of many other positive factors and themes, makes Ayuryogashram a winning entity in every which way. And not simply, are we still in the reckoning and regarded as one of the best Ayurvedic treatment centres in Kerala.

This Kerala Ayurvedic centre is a fully functional, self-sufficient unit that coexists very harmoniously with the serene surroundings. If you want to feel what typical Kerala pastoral landscape feels like, and if you want to undergo Ayurvedic rejuvenation in Kerala that is in sylvan landscapes, Ayuryogashram it is, and we welcomingly beckon you here at anytime!

And over time, our esteemed guests’ and visitors not just from India but world over, who have been coming back time and again for the best Kerala Ayurvedic treatment stands testimony to the fact that we have struck the right chord with our clients’ and they are definitely spreading the good word and referring friends and family to come visit Ayuryogashram for a good round of Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala.


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