Ayur Diamond Classified Ayurvedic Centre

Ayur Diamond Classified Ayurvedic Treatment Centre

Government Approved Ayurvedic Centre in Kerala

Ayur Diamond Star Classification - Why it is significant

Kerala is known as the birthplace of Ayurveda, which is thought to have emerged thousands of years ago. As a result, Ayurveda has become synonymous with Kerala, and the state is home to a multitude of renowned Ayurvedic treatment centres

In order to control and guarantee that excellent Kerala Ayurvedic treatment and therapy is available to all, the Kerala government devised a categorization that serves as a grading system for individuals to choose the finest Ayurvedic centre in Kerala.

The five-member commission led by the Director of Tourism categorised the centres as Ayur Silver, Ayur Gold, and Ayur Diamond based on their amenities and quality. Ayur Silver will provide the very minimum of amenities, while Ayur Diamond will provide the most.

The government had unequivocally stated that incentives and subsidies to Ayurveda centres would be limited to the Ayur Gold and Ayur Diamond categories.

Here are the features needed to qualify for the Ayur Diamond Classification :

  • An operational unit with complete privacy for patients and top-notch hygiene and cleanliness

  • The Kerala Ayurveda treatment should be imparted under the aegis of experienced Ayurvedic doctors and personnel who are certified, trained and have a degree in Kerala Ayurvedic treatment and therapies.

  • The locality and surroundings to the clinic should be accessible as well as with a good ambience and pleasant environment. Signage in English for Treatment room, Consultation room, Pharmacy, Herbal Garden, Yoga Hall etc should be present in prominent locations and fire and emergency procedure notices should be displayed.

  • The clinic should conduct regular health camps and awareness campaigns and the clinic should have adequate facilities like waiting chairs, parking space, etc.

  • For the Kerala Ayurvedic massages, treatments and therapies, the medicines and oils should be sourced from a well-known, recognized company.

  • When applying for the Ayur Diamond accreditation, the Kerala Ayurveda wellness centre should have all required Ayurvedic-oriented facilities, treatment and therapy rooms including steam bath and massage tables, equipment and other paraphernalia.

  • To qualify as an Ayur Diamond centre in Kerala, there should be trained and certified masseurs, both male and female in the facility. Accordingly, men will be attended to by male masseurs and women by female masseurs. They should all have a badge and uniform, and all records should contain the attendance and appropriate details

  • As Ayurveda and Yoga are interlinked and one serves as an extension of the other, the Kerala Ayurvedic centre should have a designated meditation hall or an area earmarked for Yoga practice.

  • Ideally, as an Ayurvedic centre in Kerala, the location should be in tranquil, picturesque surroundings and filled with verdant foliage. This is also because Kerala is ideally known as, “God's own country,” for its natural beauty and verdant green cover.

  • One of the other requisites is that the Ayurvedic centre in Kerala should have an herbal garden in the property. These herbs can be used effectively for the specialised Kerala Ayurveda treatments.

  • The Kerala Ayurvedic treatment centre should be spacious and not too crowded and even parking facilities should be adequate.

  • To get the best Kerala Ayurvedic massages, treatments and therapies, some research is recommended on Ayurvedic centres prior to booking. Ayuryogashram is delighted to announce our Ayur Diamond classification! We are excited and eager to host you !


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