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Body Massage at Ayuyogashram

This Ayurvedic body cleanse therapy is called ‘SHODHANA CHIKITSA’. It is a holistic purification therapy that aims at balancing the vata, pitta and kapha doshas based on the ayurvedic principles. This therapy is highly beneficial for people suffering from arthritis, paralysis, hemiplegia, constipation, etc. Along with effective ayurvedic therapies, herbal medicines are also prescribed by the ayurvedic doctors at Ayuryogashram ayurvedic wellness centre in Kerala.


Shodhana Chikitsa at our Ayurveda retreat in Kerala includes some of the best Ayurvedic therapies that cleanse the body, balance the doshas and provide complete wellness. Some of the therapies mentioned below are offered as a part of our ayurvedic Body Purification Therapy Kerala.

  • Abhyangam: This is the ayurvedic massage therapy which includes cleansing massage and oil massage. Abhyanga is highly effective in relieving stress and body pain.
  • Snehapanam: This involves the intake of medicated ghee. The quantity if ghee provided differs based on the health of the individual. The quantity of ghee is gradually increased based on the digestive capacity of the individual.
  • Nasyam: This is an ayurveda panchakarma therapy in which herbal oil is administered through the nasal route. This therapy is recommended for ailments of the ear, nose and throat.
  • Virechanam: This is a kerala ayurveda detoxification therapy which is a part of ayurvedic panchakarma. It is a remedial therapy for diseases caused by the imbalance of pitta dosha. It involves the intake of ayurvedic medicines that expel the toxins out of the body.
  • Sneha vasti: This is an enema treatment in which medication is administered through the rectum. It is a highly beneficial therapy and is effective in flushing out the toxins from the body.
  • Dhara: In this therapy, medicated liquids are poured on the forehead or all over the body from a specific distance in a rhythmic flow. This therapy has a better effect on the individual’s mental health. It treats headaches, insomnia, stress, etc.
  • Pizhichil: This therapy is beneficial to the nervous system. In this ayurvedic therapy, a piece of cloth is soaked in lukewarm medicated oil and squeezed onto the body of the individual followed by massage by trained masseurs.
  • Kashayavasti: This is another enema therapy wherein medicated decoction is administered through the rectum.
  • Shirovasti: In this therapy, a long, cylindrical leather cap is placed over the individual’s head and warm medicated oil is poured into the cap so that the oil can be retained on the head for some time.
  • Karnapooranam: This is an ayurvedic treatment in Kerala for the ear. In this therapy, warm medicated oil is slowly poured into the ear and retained for a few minutes. The therapy cleanses the ears and treats disorders of the ear and neck.
  • Tharpanam: Medicated oil or ghee is poured over the eyes of the individual and retained by a ring made of dough placed around the eyes. This therapy is effective in treating problems related to the eyes.
  • Steam bath: In ayurvedic steam (swedana) therapy, the individual is placed in a compartment filled with herbal steam which induces perspiration. The therapy is highly detoxifying.
  • Mathravasti: In this therapy, medicated ghee or herbal decoction is administered at our Kerala ayurveda centre. This treatment relieves back pain, muscle stiffness, joint pain, etc.
  • Pichu: In this therapy, thick cotton pads soaked in warm medicated oil are placed over the affected area such that the oil seeps through the pad and spreads to the surface. The oil is replaced after a particular duration.
  • Elakizhi: This is an ayurvedic sudation therapy. Herbs and medicinal leaves are tied in the form of boluses which are dipped in medicated oils and used for massaging the body.

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    The therapies offered are based on the doctor’s recommendation considering the individual’s health condition.


    Treats many lifestyle diseases, digestive disorders, gastric complaints, paralysis, etc and provides complete rejuvenation and refreshment.


    Ayurvedic body purification therapy Kerala is offered at Ayuryogashram for: 7 days | 14 days | 21 days | 28 days

    Shodhana Chikitsa or ayurvedic body cleanse Kerala ayurveda, offers relief from a number of ailments. This is an ideal therapy for complete rejuvenation and refreshing one’s body and mind.


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