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Owing to our busy, erratic lifestyles, work pressure, lack of sleep and exercise and also eating junk or unhealthy foods, toxins build-up in the body every day. And over time, this can turn detrimental and harm the body in more ways than we can imagine. And as per the principles of Kerala Ayurveda, this disturbs the balance of doshas in our body.

A detoxification therapy will help the body purge all the harmful toxins and remove all the harmful free radicals from the body. 

And that is why Kerala Ayurveda treatment recommends a detoxification or a total cleansing of our bodies should be done every once in a while, or at least during changing seasons.

And so if you want detox and Ayurvedic rejuvenation in Kerala, you can reach out to the Kerala Ayurveda wellness center that specializes in Kerala Ayurveda treatment, Ayuryogashram!

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Every Kerala Ayurvedic detoxification program follows three important steps- preparation, cleansing and post-cleansing therapies.

Ayuryogashram has a prescribed and formulated detoxification and rejuvenation process in place. And whatever purification and detoxifying process we set out to do, we carry it out in such a way that it does not affect the natural functioning of the body.

As per the Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala, there are three main types of toxins that can disrupt and harm the body in different ways. They are known as ama, amavisha and garvisha. Of this, ama is very common and it commonly affects digestion and the bowel movement.

So, if a Kerala Ayurveda treatment detoxification is undertaken, then the body’s agni, or digestive fire is rekindled and enhanced.  

An offshoot of the toxin ama is amavisha and this is more toxic to the body. The toxin garvisha is caused due to external factors like pollution, foods, and chemicals, and this too can disturb the body’s rhythm and cause sicknesses to the body.

As per our famous Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala, the detoxification process includes Ayurvedic massages, Panchakarma treatment, njavarakizhi, pizhichil, pathrapotala swedam, and choorna swedam.

If you choose a detoxification therapy as per our Kerala Ayurveda treatments, then depending on your constitution, body type and other parameters, a Kerala Ayurveda treatment course will be planned and followed.

And at the end of your detox treatment course, your body will feel purged, lighter, and completely detoxified. And most of all, rejuvenation and revitalization will be the highlight of the Kerala Ayurveda treatments undertaken in the best ayurvedic centre in Kerala, Ayuryogashram.


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