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Naturopathy is a therapy that leverages the benefits of natural remedies. In contrast to the treatment which recommends chemical drugs and surgeries, naturopathy is a simplified treatment process. Naturopathy holds various natural treatment processes such as diet, regular exercise, massages & stress management. If you’re looking for naturopathy treatment in Kerala, Ayuryoghram is the right place to start working on yourself. Now, lets delve a little deeper in Naturopathy.

Naturopathy follows the core principle of PanchaMahabhuta. According to PanchaMahabhuta, our body is the composition of five elements - Akash (Ether), Vayu(Air), Agni (Fire), Jala (water), Prithvi(earth or mud). Learning the formula for balancing these five elements is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Naturopathy owns this balancing formula. What makes Naturopathy a simplified but effective therapy?

Nature has created our body with immunization and self-healing capacity. Naturopathy enhances immunization and self-healing capacity by natural remedies. Humans face two kinds of major threats to their healthy lifestyle – Acute Diseases & Chronic Diseases.

Acute Diseases

Acute diseases are caused by infectious agents, injury, misuse of drugs and medications. Naturopathy therapy has a customized treatment process for each acute diseases based on its root cause. Though acute diseases are generally seen as non-dangerous and shot life span, sometimes they can bring serious harm. Naturopathy prevents patients from more severe conditions and reduces the length of the infection.

Chronic Diseases

Naturopathy inaugurates the treatment process after the careful observation of a patient’s lifestyle, symptoms and history of chronic diseases. A Treatment plan will merely focus on strengthening the body’s natural healing capabilities. Naturopathy does not treat the disease alone, it treats a whole person. Naturopathy teaches healthy lifestyle habits, customized diet plans and exercises. Ayuryogashram offers a wide range of naturopathic therapies as an established Kerala Naturopathy center with Naturopathic Doctors and practitioners. Each therapy has its style of ingredients and health benefits. Let us look into it one by one.

Diet Therapy

Awareness of what we consume would take us to a naturopathic lifestyle. Naturopathy would fetch the formula for a perfect balance of Diet and Fasting. Our general diet is the composition of basic components such as water, carbohydrate, fibre, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals. Diet Therapy will break your general diet’s composition and prepares a streamlined diet chart based on your health condition. How Naturopathy would give you a naturopathic lifestyle through a diet chart? Not so far away. You would have to go through three phases of Diet Therapy to fulfil this concept of naturopathy diet.

  • Eliminative Diet
  • Soothing Diet
  • Constructive Diet
  • When initiated into Yoga for the first-time it is always good to start with Suryanamaskar which is a salutation to the Sun and in a way the asanas that are a part of this helps kick start the day in the right manner. And most of all, practicing Suryanamaskar on a regular basis has a range of mind-body benefits.

    Diet Theraphy in Kerela

    1. Eliminative Diet

    You have just started your journey towards a naturopathic lifestyle through this naturopathy diet. At this stage, you can eliminate the metabolic toxins from your body through naturopathy fasting therapy. Though an eliminative diet requires some strenuous efforts (i.e) fasting. After the fasting therapy, you will enjoy the benefits of an alkaline juice diet. Alkaline juices play a major role in eliminative diet charts such as wheatgrass juice, gooseberry juice, tender coconut and ash guard juice.

    2. Soothing Diet

    After an eliminative diet, your body is free from metabolic toxins. Let a soothing diet, re-energize your digestive system. A Soothing diet is a combination of fruits and vegetables. Your gastrointestinal tract deserves a diet that could fetch enough nutrients. A Soothing Diet is a powerhouse of nutrients that your GI craves about.

    3. Constructive Diet

    While entering into this phase, your digestive system must be already re-energised with a soothing diet. Now, it’s time to treat your digestive system with enjoyable full meals that can also fetch maximum nutriment and strengthen your immune system. Raw food is an ingredient in a Constructive Diet.

    Naturopathy does have an option for people who prefer weight loss. Alkaline Diet will be the best answer for people who prefer weight loss in a naturopathy lifestyle. The alkaline diet chart has some strict directions such as lots of vegetables, lots of water, no sugar, no alcohol and no processed foods. Those who are undergoing an alkaline diet should also ensure that enough protein-based foods are consumed simultaneously. It is also advisable to consult with a doctor for those who have a serious medical history before taking an alkaline diet.

    Ayuryogashram offers Naturopathic Diet therapies suited for each individual based on solid advice from experts.

    Mud Therapy

    Mud Theraphy in Kerela

    Being one of the five core elements of Panache Mahabhuta, Mud accommodates lots of vital minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium etc..,. These vital minerals could offer various medical benefits. Here are the 4 salient health benefits of mud bath therapy:

    1. Boost the digestive system

    This is done by applying a layer of mud around the stomach. Mud has the unique ability to mop up the bad toxins from the body. Thus, mud therapy assists our human body to detox naturally and improves body metabolism.

    2. Cures headaches

    Who said Headache can be cured only with those chemical ailments and pills? Mud therapy is a natural way to cure your headache in no time without any side effects. Mud therapy applies mud packs around the abdomen area which makes the body cool and improves blood circulation. This cooling effect comforts the body and protects us from stress, sleep disorders, anxiety & headaches.

    3. Good Skin

    The ultimate goal of mud therapy is ‘Healthy Skin’. Without any side effects, mud therapy cleanses skin and removes the skin impurities. As a result, your skin will be soft and fresh ever than before. Mud Therapy can also keep your skin healthy & glow even in pollution.

    4. Keeps your eye younger and healthier

    In modern days, our eyeballs face electronic screens most of the times. Don’t they need some refreshments? Choose Mud therapy. While applying this cooling layer (i.e) mud layer around the eyes or walking barefoot on the mud, eyes get refreshment and make them stress-free. There are proven case studies that mud therapy can highly reduce the risk of developing glaucoma while we age. Mud therapy in Naturopathy is one of the commonly requested treatments in Ayuryogashram. Try it now.

    Massage Therapy

    Massage Therapy does wonders in improving blood circulation. Improved blood circulation can increase the oxygen flow allowing the lungs, heart and muscles to operate properly. Message Therapy also improves the immune system and overall body functions. Key ingredients are Mustard Oil, Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Neem Oil and Aroma Oil. Different types of massage therapy will be recommended based on an individual’s health goal.

    Those are:

  • Massage of Joints
  • Massage of Abdomen
  • Nerves Massage
  • Chest Massage
  • Back Massage
  • Throat Massage
  • Massage Therapy in Kerela

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