Healthy diet tips for the monsoon season

Ayurveda Monsoon Tips


Healthy diet tips for the monsoon season

Ayurveda tips for the monsoon season

It's been raining cats and dogs in the southern part of India with many districts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu being given official holidays to avoid risks associated with continuous rains and for the general safety of residents.

Now it may feel like the best time to relax and have a fried bajji or vada with tea or coffee, but wait. Treating yourself with fried food once in a while doesn’t do much to your body, but rain has its way to mess up our daily diet to alarming levels. Here are some simple tips on maintaining a healthy diet during monsoon season:


  • Avoid heavy, oily and fried food - especially street food. They can cause indigestion, bloating, bacterial overload, salt retention etc.

  • Try to limit leafy vegetables. Even though they are rich in nutrients, they are highly prone to worms and germs during the rainy season. As our immunity is low during rainy seasons, it is best to avoid leafy vegetables which have higher chances of contamination.

  • Try to limit fermented dairy products such as curd and cheese as they are prone to harbour germs during this time of the year.

  • Follow a light diet with low inclusion of spices to avoid gas and bloating. If you really want to have non-vegetarian food, try to consume it as soup or stew instead of heavily spiced curry or fry.

  • Corn, chickpea, gram flour, oats are some of the dry foods recommended to eat during the rainy season.

  • Add important components to your diet such as garlic, ginger, pepper, turmeric, coriander and jeera that aids in digestion.

  • Bitter vegetables such as bitter gourd and herbs like basil, fenugreek seed and turmeric can be consumed as they prevent infections.

  • Tamarind, chutneys and pickles have the ability to promote water retention due to their sour taste and must be limited too.

  • All of these products must be properly cleaned and must be consumed as fresh hot food that is finely cooked to aid our generally weak digestive system during the rainy season.

  • Staying hydrated even during the rainy season is important as there are still chances of dehydration. However, stick to boiled water to avoid contamination. A pinch of honey to the warm water can also aid our digestion.

  • By following all these tips, your digestive system can stay vigilant even during monsoon season which has the ability to weaken our immune system in general. Also check out our blog post “Lifestyle tips for the monsoon season” to strengthen your body and mind, beating the lazy effect of monsoon.


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