Herbs and Ayurveda


The power of Herbs and how Ayuryogashram is incorporating it in the prescribed Ayurvedic Therapies and Treatments



The highly thought of ancient Indian Science, Ayurveda is much sought after and followed by millions of people worldwide. It found its origins in the Indian subcontinent and gradually, it has made its way to newer places and countries all across the globe. Today, it is heralded as the next best line of treatment and is figures prominently as part of the alternate health and wellness landscape. More and more people are accepting and getting initiated into the practice of Ayurveda that it is safe to say that the numbers are increasing every day.


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There are many reasons why it is convincing many people. The Science behind it, the use of natural elements and herbs, understanding the cause behind a certain illness or condition, and the whole process in place is why this is increasingly gaining popularity. It is not just Ayurveda, it is not about dealing with the sickness but it also addresses various aspects that affect the mind, the body overall and not to miss our senses and sensibilities too. Ayurveda, sees to that in the course of treatment process, it is only natural, powerful aromatic plants or herbs that are incorporated so that the desired results are achieved.   


Herbs are very effective and have positive bearings when it comes to its integration in the many defined Ayurvedic therapies and treatments. Every herb comes with its own set of benefits and uses. And it is not simply that Ayurveda has not understood the power herbs have to offer and it can be found in nature. Having understood and mastered, this, early Ayurveda practitioners, developed and studied this and made it an integral part of Ayurvedic philosophies and from then on, it has been part of any Ayurvedic formulation and preparation and what not.


Ayurveda and Herbs at Ayuryogashram

And based on these ancient philosophies is the health resort, Ayuryogashram in Thrissur, Kerala, who have devised a methodology and a pattern to incorporate as many prescribed herbs in all their treatments and the many therapies they have on offer. Accordingly, herbs like Turmeric, Neem, Holy Basil or Tulsi, Baheda, Brahmi, Triphala, Ashwagandha, and Shatavari are extensively a part of the formulations and medicines.


There is a sense of quietude that one experiences when you step into the grounds of Ayuryogashram, tucked away in a quiet hamlet amidst verdant nature and with the surroundings so calm and peaceful, it is the place to unwind, destress, and relax in completion. It is like when you reach here, you surrender to the environs, and you let the place take over and make you feel comfortable, peaceful, and relaxed. 

So, if you are convinced, then just write to us at info@ayuryogashram.com. You can also go online and read more about our services www.ayuryogashram.com.  


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