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If you are curious about Ayurveda, the very popular and beneficial alternate wellness and healthcare regime or if you have seen and heard so much about it, no matter in which part of the world you are, then yes, you should delve more into it and understand what is this Science all about? The history behind it where and when it all started and the pioneers behind it. And one undeniable fact is that this venerated Science Ayurveda, came about in India over 5,000 years ago? And, over time, this primeval discipline has only matured in its standing, recognition, and size and is recognized worldwide and is considered and valued as a reliable alternative healthcare method.

The source of the word ‘Ayurveda’ is from the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit, and it is made up of two Sanskrit words ‘Ayur’ it espouses ‘life’ and ‘Veda’ espouses, ‘learning, or science’. And therefore, when both are brought together, Ayurveda means the ‘Science of Life’. In Ayurveda, the therapies and treatments are intended at learning the reason for the illness, why it happened, and how to eliminate it.  

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Ayurveda helps us become absolutely conscious of our mental, physical, mental and our inner being and to be able visualize how it is and how it works in unison, and when we are affected by a sickness, how it affects it in totality or even individually. And not just this, how we accept or react is also of primary importance.


As per the ancient Indian works and studies, which here is the Vedas, ‘ayur’ or our subsistence is a intermingling of both our actual body or in Sanskrit it is known as ‘sharira’, and our mind which again is known as the ‘indriya’, and our emotional state which is the ‘manas’ and notably, our fortitude which is the ‘atma’. All these aspects come in unison and give us our life, our being and keep us going on and practically living and breathing which is known as the all important life or ‘prana’.


And following these age-old practices is Ayuryogashram, a nice, neat, inviting health resort in Thrissur in the State of ‘God’s own country’, Kerala. In the over 15 years since we established the place, we have been known for the varied Ayurvedic therapies and treatments we have formulated and practiced to help eliminate illnesses and ailments like back pains, spinal pain, diabetes, knee and joint pains, migraines, headaches, obesity, overweight, stress and related problems, skin problems, bronchitis and even more unrelenting and more serious illnesses like Parkinson’s disease, spondylosis, asthma and arthritis.


We have the knowhow and the treatment modality and even if you want a round of relaxation and rejuvenation, you can just come down. And after a stay in this tranquil place, see the visible difference for yourself!


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Get treated the natural, ayurvedic way. No side effects, no complications. Our ayurvedic health experts offer personalized treatments based on each individual's health and lifestyle to facilitate a speedy recovery. Embrace the better way to better health! Know More

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