Stretch now to reduce stress.

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Stretch now to reduce stress. Fight ageing by practising yoga daily

Ageing is an unavoidable natural thing. We are ageing every single day. As we get older, our bodies may stiffen, creating a negative domino effect, through which we suffer the consequences of aches, pains, longtime injury and more.

We can't stop it. But, what if there is a scope to slow its process? If you're curious about it and want to know how to stay young or push the age for some time, this piece is for you.

The practise of yoga:

Yoga Therapy at Ayuryogashram

Yoga not only increases Anti-Ageing Hormones in the Brain, but also it leads to a positive result in the body. In yoga, we have a wide range of asanas, or postures. The following postures are one of the eminent postures that contribute in anti-ageing or reverse ageing.

Following are the natural ways that involve your contribution 100% with no external factors. These yoga postures are to maintain the physical appearance and to slowdown the ageing process as young as possible and keep you feel young and vibrant.

Postures of Yoga:

Simhasana (The Lion pose):

The first and foremost element that effects in ageing is stress and tension. If we control that, there is a great scope for anti-ageing or reverse ageing. This SIMHASANA is the great reliever of tension. Research particularly says, doing simhasana will reduce tension on chest area.

  • * Doing simhasana gives excellent results in functioning of a stagnant thyroid gland.
  • * It stimulates the platysma that is responsible for wrinkles and lines.
  • * It helps maintain its stability during the ageing process. Thus, wrinkles and lines are to be thought of when you turn 60 at least.

Neck stretching:

Have you seen people with thick neckline? Have you felt they would be aged before you spoke to them or came to know about their actual age? Yes. Excess fat on the neckline gives people aged appearance.

  • * Doing neck stretches every morning, eliminates the fat on that part.
  • * Also, it prevents neck muscles from extra bulge.
  • * In general, it results in smooth and comfortable neck and shoulder movements.

Hastpadasana (Standing forward bend):

We are sure you would have been, at least once in a while, asked to sit straight. Because, people who said so, would have noticed you sitting with your spine or back bend. Not to mention, it's again the inflexibility of the spine that comes with old age.

  • * But doing Hastpadasana will naturally make you sit straight.
  • * It is a great boost to your nervous system, too.

Veerbhadrasana (Warrior pose):

This is quite popular in Yoga postures. It gives strength to the arms, tones the lower back and legs. The shoulders, arms, ankles and legs will get stronger and smooth. It opens your chest and lungs, thus resulting in increased respiratory system. Also, it improves focus, balance and stability

Adho mukha svanasana (Downward facing dog pose):

Adho Mukha Scanasana is again one of the most widely recognized, practised yoga poses. It offers the ultimate rejuvenating stretch, from the head to the toe, putting you in a bridge position.

  • * This asana helps improvise your blood circulation.
  • * It results in quick digestion, which normally gets affected while ageing.
  • * Tones limbs which tend to get flabby while ageing.
  • * Decreases anxiety, which is one of the main factors for stress and tension.

Dhanurasana (Bow pose):

As the name itself says, this asana looks like an archer's bow. Your face and legs would represent the body of the bow, and the arms that you use to hold your foot would represent the string of the bow. Benefits of doing Dhanurasana involve:

  • * Toning of arms and legs muscles that generally get weak with ageing.
  • * Energizing the body by stimulating the sympathetic nervous system.
  • * Strengthening and relaxing the spine.


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