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Ayurveda Treatment for Back Pain


Ayurveda Treatment for Back Pain at Ayuryogashram

Among the many pains that people experience, back pain is one of the most common. Lower backache or back pain can occur to anyone at anytime. Age or gender notwithstanding, a back pain can be triggered by external factors, lack of exercise, stress, sedentary lifestyles, and weakened muscles.

A word of caution though, if ever you notice back pain or if it keeps showing up time and again, it is good to address it and get it treated the Kerala Ayurveda treatments way. Because, if it were not addressed, or if you ignored the problem, it can become unbearable and chronic and even limit your movements and activities.

The back pain can be intense to pains occurring intermittently. It can make the area rigid, and the muscles feel stiff and at times, the pain is felt all over the back and leg muscles even.

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As per the Kerala Ayurveda treatment mode, back pain occurs because of the imbalance in the body’s dosha and vata constituents. If this were set right, then one would see a lot of relief.

So, if you want to undergo a back pain treatment, a round of prescribed Ayurvedic treatments and therapies in the Kerala Ayurvedic centre and Ayurvedic massages in the Ayurvedic massage centres in Kerala, Ayuryogasham should definitely be given a thought.

Ayurveda Treatment for Back Pain ayuryogashram

In our Kerala Ayurveda wellness center, the therapies and treatments include dhara, the herbal oil massage abhyanga, swedana- a traditional herbal steam treatment, basti or enema, and of course Panchakarma which is an absolute detoxification process.

Ayurveda Treatment for Back Pain ayuryogashram

For back pain relief and an absolute Ayurvedic rejuvenation in Kerala, you should think of the best Ayurvedic centre in Kerala, Ayuryogashram in Parlikad, Wadakkanchery near Thrissur, Kerala.


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