Self care amid the pandemic



Self care amid the pandemic

CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT. This adage applies well to the current situation. Who knew the world would flip this much, make us suffer this much. But, what it repetitively teaches us is, to Adapt to those changes.

Over the last few months, life has changed drastically for the majority of human beings of the world. Because of this pandemic, we have been asked on a massive scale to stop our daily runs and drastically shift the way we go about our daily lives.

This is the time we have to stop (though already made to stop) our usual routines and look for new, unexplored things. Some of us might not even have spent time with family. By this, we don't mean the vacation time where you would take your family on a trip. By family time, we mean the real time, daily time.

How many of us even know what are the likes and dislikes of our children, our spouse, and our parents. This is the time we can sit talk to them. So, will we stop after everything becomes normal? No. Just like how the world says and tags everything as "This is the new normal", this should be our new normal.

With the uncertainty arising and our routines falling away, it is quite natural to feel low, unsteady and scared. But, it’s our intuit to push all that away and bring Health in daily routine.

Bringing Health in our Daily Routine:

Bringing Health in our Daily Routine

"EARLY TO BED, EARLY TO RISE" this saying would've always been our dream before the pandemic. We might have wanted to hold that practice as a habit, but we wouldn't have been able to pull off. This is the time, we should develop that. Follow a regular sleeping time every day. Having meals at regular time improves the appetite and is good for digestion.

A little bit of self-care to start off our day with:

Tongue scraping:

Take a tongue cleaner and brush it nicely. It helps remove excess toxins and improve digestion power that effects in making the immune system strong.

Gargling with Oil:

Using gingelly oil or almond oil to gargle on an empty stomach in the morning will greatly help in keeping the body heat at perfect level. Also, as we gargle, our face movements will ultimately bring some energy to our brains.

Oil Massage at Ayuryogashram

Oil massage once or twice a week:

Get a practice of applying oil all over your body, leave it as such for thirty minutes minimum and take a cold bath. Your body will say millions of thanks to you for doing this, as it had been in motion, restlessness, and distress after years of toil. Also, it helps the nervous system function smoothly and blood circulation goes correctly.

Give movements to your body:

Exercise daily for the blood circulation to be proper and muscle strength. All these years, we wouldn't have been able to concentrate much on our health and fitness. This is the time to kick start that and of course, follow it the rest of our lives. This time will permit us to reconnect with our body, reflect our strengths and create a positive energy.

Bringing Health in our Daily Routine

Save a breath at the end:

After exercising, it is even better to do some pranayama - A general breathing exercise for our brains to action

Promote quietness:

All these years, we have come across lots of noises and sounds. We would get caught up in the barrage of noise from all the places we have been to. Now is the time to spend time in quietness and connect to your inner-self. This will greatly effect in your body pressure. Also, it helps for your future readiness.

Bringing Health in our Daily Routine

Connect to Nature:

Though we cannot go to any nature spots, we can just do it in a very minimal way possible. Instead of spending time inside the home all the time, we can spend some time on our house terrace. Just observe the happenings around us in the blank sky. Morning and evening times are perfect for this. The sunlight will complement extra benefits. Let's reestablish a connection with our mother nature.

Some final thoughts:

It's true that this pandemic has greatly affected our daily lives. But on other side, it has given us a space for thinking about ourselves and the time for executing the things we always would've wanted to do. Do it along with all the above said things.

Find your best in you and execute it. Who knows? It will become the ‘new normal’ of your life.


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