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As per Ayurveda, what is diabetes? Diabetes is considered to be a metabolic disorder. This dosha is based on the kapha dosha principles and when the kapha dosha is affected in a particular way wherein the body’s agni or fire shows reduced functioning, then this can cause high blood sugar levels and which in turn is what diabetes is all about. If there is more than the required quantity of blood sugar levels in the body, then the person is said to have diabetes.

A simple blood and urine test can detect the blood sugar levels present and if it is beyond the prescribed limit then the person is considered diabetic.

Even if you have been diagnosed with diabetes, it is not the end of the road. With good lifestyle management and modification, a good round of lifestyle changes, and Kerala Ayurveda treatment coupled with Panchakarma therapy and Yoga, diabetes can be managed and overcome too, to a great extent.

And this is where the best Ayurvedic centre in Kerala, Ayuryogashram can help treat, and manage diabetes. Being a recognized Kerala Ayurveda wellness center, Ayuryogashram helps treat diabetes employing a multi-pronged approach.  

As part of the Kerala Ayurveda treatment for diabetes, we do have in place curative and preventive therapies and treatments.

In our Kerala Ayurvedic centre, as part of the curative therapies that we have formulated to help treat diabetes include Panchakarma therapy, Abhyangam, Madhutailika Vasthy, Udwarthanam and Thakradhara therapies so as to help bring down the blood sugar levels which of course are indicative of diabetes in the first place.

The long-term preventive measures of course are advocating strong dietary alterations and modifications, making changes to existing lifestyle and living, and of course regular exercise and Yoga complete it. This way, diabetes can definitely be kept in check and over time it can be overcome too.

As part of the prescribed Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala, once you have undergone diabetes management and therapy in our Kerala Ayurveda wellness center, you can definitely take note of how Ayurveda can help you and show you the way to combat the lifestyle disease, diabetes.

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