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Ayurvedic Immunization Longevity Treatment in Kerala

The increase in the number of diseases nowadays is mainly due to unhealthy lifestyle and also the lack of immunity. Ayuryogashram offers Ayurvedic Body Immunization therapy Kerala, that focuses on overall wellbeing of the individual. Effective Massages, herbal medicines and special Ayurvedic therapies altogether provide you an invigorating experience. Massages at our Ayurvedic wellness centre in Kerala, are done by specially trained masseurs; these massages improve the blood circulation, enhance the muscle strength, strengthen the bones and make the joints more flexible. This therapy is highly rejuvenating and revitalizing.


Involves various ayurvedic massage therapies, medicated steam baths and continuous intake of herbal medicines. The therapies mentioned below are a part of the longevity package provided at Ayuryogashram. Our ayurvedic doctor examines your health and recommends only the therapies that suit your body and the treatment schedule.

  • Abhyangam: This consists of ayurvedic massage by trained masseurs with herbal powders and oil. Abhyanga is a renowned ayurvedic therapy in Kerala, which has numerous health benefits.
  • Snehapanam: This therapy offered at our Kerala ayurveda centre involves the oral intake of medicated ghee or milk aimed at lubricating and purifying the body.
  • Nasyam: Medicated oil is administered through the nostrils in this therapy. Nasyam is one of the 5 therapies in panchakarma.
  • Virechanam: In this panchakarma therapy, ayurvedic medicines are taken internally which flush out the toxins from the body and balance the doshas.
  • Snehavasti: This is the enema therapy in which herbal extracts or medication is administered through the rectum. This therapy eliminates toxins from the lower part of the body.
  • Dhara: Medicated oil (thailam) is poured over the individual’s forehead or body in a continuous stream for a particular duration. This therapy boosts the immunity.
  • Pizhichil: This is the therapy in which warm medicated oils are squeezed out of a soaked cloth onto the individual’s body followed by massage.
  • Njavarakizhi: This therapy involves massage using boluses to induce sweat. The boluses contain a preparation made from njavara rice, herbal extracts and milk.
  • Shirovasthi: In this therapy lukewarm medicated oils are poured into a cylindrical cap placed over the individual’s head and retained for some time.
  • Karnapooranam: This ayurvedic therapy is for the ear in which warm medicated oils are poured into the ear and retained for 5 to 10 minutes. This therapy improves the hearing capacity.
  • Tharpanam: This is an ayurvedic treatment in Kerala targeting the eyes. In this therapy, medicated liquids are poured over the individual’s eyes and retained by placing a ring-shaped dough as a border around the eyes.
  • Steam bath: This is an ayurvedic swedana therapy in which perspiration is induced by herbal steam. Ayurvedic steam bath eliminates toxins, reduces weight and improves the skin.
  • Elakizhi: This is a sudation therapy which involves massaging with boluses made from herbs and medicinal leaves.
  • Mathravasti: Vasti refers to enema treatment. This therapy involves abhyanga, swedana, followed by vasti by administering herbal liquids. It is very effective in pain management.
  • Kashayavasti: In Kashaya vasti, medicated decoction is administered. It is recommended for lower back pain, rheumatism, paralysis and gastric problems.
  • Pichu: A highly effective remedy for pain relief, this therapy involves the placing of a cotton pad soaked in medicated oil over the affected area.
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    Ayurvedic Body Immunization therapy Kerala improves the overall functioning of the body, curbs degeneration of the cells and causes immunization.


    Longevity therapy Kerala also known as Ayurvedic Body Immunization therapy at Ayuryogashram is available for: 14 days | 21 days | 28 days

    Immunity is essential for a healthy, long life. Longevity therapy Kerala, is an ideal solution for boosting immunity. Longevity therapy offers some miraculous therapies that do wonders to your health! Contact us to know more.


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