Ayuryogashram has determined holistic wellness packages that are centered on our changing seasons. In the backdrop of steady rains, lush green, scenic landscape and environs, the smell of the wet earth and wetness all around, the touch of the tropics just envelop us and we willingly surrender to this overpowering effect.



Ayurveda recommends a monsoon rejuvenation program. Commonly known as ‘karkidaka masam’ in Malayalam, this refers to the monsoon month and the rejuvenation therapies and special diet to follow to help completely detox our bodies. In the varsha rithu starting from mid July – mid September the agni or the digestive activity becomes weak. The tridoshas (vata, pitha, kapha) gets affected by cold wind, thick clouds, warmness and sourness of earth etc., The poor strength of agni and external changes in the atmosphere vitiates the tridoshas causing fever, infections, skin diseases, digestive disorders etc. In additions the humidity in the atmosphere often aggravates several conditions including arthiritis, allergies, asthma etc.,


If you treat and heal your health conditions in the most challenging of times, the chances are that the body will be equipped to deal challenges during less testing times more efficiently.


Hence all measures to mitigate doshas and improve digestive activity can be adopted. Various ayurvedic therapies and diet can be followed during this month. Vegetarian diet and medicated gruel called Karkidaka Kanji is recommended. The gruel is prepared out of Njavara rice (rhe rice with little sourness and sweetness is used for increasing immunity ) and twenty four other herbs . The mixture is cooked and served hot.


The package includes Accommodation, F&B, and two sessions of Ayurvedic massages, detoxification programmes and herbal facials. The duration of the treatments or therapies range between, 7, 14 to 21 days and the tariff is applicable to both single occupancy and double occupancy.


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